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With great anticipation, English Club held a small Halloween party at Window on America Center to enjoy merry tradition of English-speaking countries.
05.11.2014 | | Views: 1606 | Comments
Lessons of intercultural understanding

On yesterday’s meeting of the English Club the audience tried to test their knowledge of faraway African continent: its geography, economics, culture.
05.11.2014 | | Views: 1517 | Comments
On tour with English Club

At the new meeting of English Club members went to an imaginary trip around the globe: shared stories about their travel experiences, together planned and dreamed on future discoveries.
11.09.2014 | | Views: 1487 | Comments
Hobby to choose

The topic of hobbies was eagerly discussed at the regular meeting of English Club.
07.09.2014 | | Views: 1522 | Comments
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